More Niseko Paintball

The battle continues with another round of ruthless shoot-out action at Paintball Field Niseko. Two teams, 10 guns, 3000 paintballs, and nearly two hours of no-holds-barred commando style guerrilla warfare in an all out take-no-prisoners show-no-mercy gun fight where the weak are quickly annihilated and the strong are pitted against one another to face the[…]

Hirafu Bustling with Construction

No stranger to construction booms in its vibrant history, Hirafu is seeing a number of sites under construction this year as crews take advantage of the green season to get development projects underway. Some of the accommodation being constructed this summer will be on line in time for the coming winter, but it looks like[…]

Cow Parade

The 81st Cow Parade has officially begun in Niseko. Cows designed and decorated with all kinds of colors and patterns and other materials have been placed in many locations across the Izumikyo-Hirafu-Kabayama area. Indeed they are bringing a unique vibe to the area, and it is an exciting time for Niseko to be on the[…]

Street View of the Slopes

Google is throwing elbows with recent Street View additions such as El Capitan in California (Google blog post), and Mount Etna in Sicily (Google blog post). Now the world can tour Niseko’s famous slopes without leaving the living room by using Google’ fresh addition of Niseko Tourism Zone.

Paintball Battle at Paintball Field Niseko

A few of us year-rounders got out of our offices and got together for some wholesome group bonding. There is nothing quite like a good old fashioned shoot out with friends old and new, and fortunately the good folks at Paintball Field Niseko have created an excellent service and location to get your war game[…]

Haru no Taki, Niseko’s Springtime Waterfall

The forbidden terrain to the south of Supercourse comes to life every spring when warm temperatures melt enough snow to get it’s namesake flowing. Haru no Taki translates roughly to ‘Springtime Waterfall’, and as its name suggests, for a month or two in the spring as meltwater runs off Mt. Annupuri’s southeastern slope, the rock[…]

Niseko Beer Garden

The first Niseko Beer Garden event will be held on Saturday, August 30 and Sunday, August 31 in the Kira Onsen car park under the Niseko Pizza Clear Span Marquee next to Niseko Station. Chilled beer will be on tap supplied by local brewers Niseko Beer & EXTRA Cold ASAHI. Niseko Pizza and Nami-chan Bistro will[…]