July 29, 2015

Water Activities

Rafting – Navigate the Shiribeshi river (immediate access from Niseko Hirafu) as a crew member on a raft, or at the helm of your own “ducky” inflatable kayak. Whitewater ranges from more challenging class 3.5 in peak snowmelt, to a more mellow class 2 during later summer months.


Canyoning – Experience the thrill of descending steep canyons, jumping from waterfalls into pools below, and sliding down natural water features. Tours run in July and August, and operate in places such as the Sakazuki river canyon, approximately 1 hour from Niseko.


Sea Kayaking – Niseko’s proximity to the Sea of Japan is a contributing factor to its copious snowfall in the winter, and also allows for convenient day trips during summer.  Sea kayaking provides close access to beautiful coastal areas where you’ll come across wildlife such as nesting birds, as well as sea creatures including urchins and starfish in the shallows.


Both Hanazono Niseko (hanazononiseko.com 0136-21-3333) and NAC (nacadventures.jp 0136-23-2093) offer information and tours on the water.