July 29, 2015

Nature Sightseeing

Niseko’s landscape is beautiful and captivating. The striking outline of mountains built and shaped from roughly 2 million years of volcanic activity and constant weathering is ever-present. Mt. Yotei towering over the region at almost 2,000m, dwarfs the small towns that dot its perimeter. The landscape is turned monochrome for almost half the year, buried by a snowpack several meters deep. Curtains of green drape the hills from spring until fall sets in and chills the foliage revealing a brilliant tapestry of autumn colors.

Scenic Drive


The Niseko Panorama Line is a 30-40km stretch of road that winds its way through the Niseko Range and allows easy access to much of the beautiful scenery of the Range’s interior.


Scenic Gondola

Some of the best views of the region can be had from Mt. Annupuri, which is also easily accessible by one of the summer gondolas:

Hirafu Gondola loads at the base of the Center Four chairlift in Hirafu next to the Alpen Hotel

  • July 18 ~ Sept 27
  • 9:00 ~ 16:00 (8/8~8/15 8:30~18:00)
  • Pets under 55cm, wearing a leash can ride
  • Can do a round trip using the Annupuri Gondola


Annupuri Gondola loads at its normal location in the Annupuri base area down the hill from Nook

  • July 18 ~ Aug 31 Daily, weekends through Oct 12.
  • 9:00~16:00
  • Hirafu gondola can be used for round trip
  • Onsen package

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