July 28, 2015

Niseko’s Green Season

Niseko’s green season offers scenery, activities and a comfortable climate not found in winter. Many of the things that make Niseko a great winter destination carry over to summer: striking mountains and rural landscape make for beautiful scenery in all seasons, numerous ‘onsen’ hotspring baths, excellent outdoor recreation opportunities, etc.

Follow these links for an introduction to some popular spots and learn more about Niseko’s other season.


Learn more about when and where to go to experience the natural wonders of Niseko’s green season. Hiking is the preferred way to to see the details that make Niseko’s nature so full of wonder.

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Nature Sightseeing

Nature sightseeing from a car, gondola cabin, or other vehichle can be a great alternative to hiking, and offers views and locations that showcase some of the best Niseko has to offer.

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A trip to Niseko would not be complete without a visit to one of the plethora of natural hot spring baths in the area. Some are conveniently located in Hirafu, some are hidden deep in the mountains. The selection is plentiful with something for any taste.

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Water Activities

Marine and freshwater activities are easy to access from Niseko. Rivers with whitewater, lakes, creeks with canyons, coast line with cliffs and caves all offer excellent opportunities for water based recreation and adventure.

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