Ecol Ecology Center in Hirafu

The interactive ecology center in the Ace Hill rest house at the top of the Hirafu gondola boasts an impressive collection of insects, mushrooms, feathers, beehives and more. In operation during summer months only, Ecol is hands down the best place to learn about ecology of the Niseko Range. The center’s guru of all things[…]

Summer in Niseko…

…is over and the cool nights are already hinting at the coming winter Yay! This changing of the seasons begs the question: when did summer end here in the Niseko area? When did Autumn begin? Depending on where you are from, what information you refer to, or what the local conditions are, the answer can[…]

Taj Mahal

Once in a while its good to mix it up eat some different food at a different fun spot. Taj Mahal in Kutchan is great for mixing it up with a vibrant interior, friendly staff, and delicious food. Spicy rich flavors, wonderfully textured breads, all varieties of meat and veggies make for very satisfying dinning.[…]

The Bicycle Corner

The Bicycle Corner in Niseko Moiwa is a new bike shop offering a spectrum of services. Tours with various options Rentals of various bicycle types Maintenance Children options for all ages This bike shop is an interesting option for visitors in the Niseko Konbu Onsen Kyo area near Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort, Kanro No Mori,[…]

Torimatsu, a local favorite

For scrumptious grilled food the yakitori joint in Kutchan called Torimatsu is must. The list of assorted grilled goodies on the menu is long, and there is surely something that suits any preference. Yaki ika, beef skewers, chicken skewers with plum sauce Entrance to grilled goodness The infamous hakkaku

Niseko Green Bike

Niseko Town has a fleet of green bicycles and a program that makes them available from several locations for free. Reservations aren’t taken for the bikes, so its first come first serve for one of the 35 bikes from 6 locations. They are available for persons 13 years and up, and requires the user to[…]