Audi Volkswagen Car Sharing at Niseko One

A share car through the Audi Volkswagen car sharing program is located at Niseko One Resort towers. Use of the car requires registration and reservation through Hokkaido BUBU. The share car is an appealing option for spur of the moment change of plans requiring an extra vehicle, or quick local trips.  

Sunflower Field in Niseko

On route 66, just west of the 7-11 there is a beautiful field of sunflowers that stretches into the distance. This section of route 66 is part of the Panorama Line, which showcases areas of Niseko’s scenic beauty.  

Niseko Beer Garden!

Its back for another round of summer fun Hokkaido Style. The Niseko Beer Garden is becoming an annual event here in Hirafu and is happily welcomed by residents and visitors alike. Food stands, kids inflatable playground, big tent, live performance stage, and of course – beer!   

Niseko is Green

Vegetation of all shapes and sizes take hold and grow everywhere in Niseko making the green season truly green. Sun, warm temps and the occasional rain shower combine to make for great growing conditions. Indeed keeping up with weed trimming and lawn mowing is a big task in Niseko’s green season.     

Kutchan Shrine Matsuri

When you are out and about this time of year in Japan it is only a matter of time before you come across a local festival procession in progress. Coming out of the post office today I was delighted to see these katsugite ‘carriers’ doing the good deed of carrying the Kutchan Shrine around town.[…]

Get your skateboard stuff in Niseko and skate it in Niseko

Skateboarding gives people in the Niseko area a way to ride sideways during the green season. Shops like Boom Sports in Kutchan (, and Rhythm in Hirafu ( stock a selection of skate gear for skating all kinds of surfaces. Cruisy skate set ups with a longer board and larger softer wheels that let you[…]

More Niseko Paintball

The battle continues with another round of ruthless shoot-out action at Paintball Field Niseko. Two teams, 10 guns, 3000 paintballs, and nearly two hours of no-holds-barred commando style guerrilla warfare in an all out take-no-prisoners show-no-mercy gun fight where the weak are quickly annihilated and the strong are pitted against one another to face the[…]