Hokkaido receives first snow of 2015-2016 season

Rinyu Kanko, the company who owns and operates the gondola on Mount Kuro in the Daisetsu Volcanic Group has reported sightings of the first snow of the season. Yay! Snow will be falling in Niseko before we know it (are you ready?) So when will we see snow here in Niseko? Well we could see snow on the summit of Mount Yotei any time, but one reason why snow comes to Mount Kuro sooner than Mount Yotei despite their small difference in height (Kuro is 1,984m, whereas Yotei is 1,898) is The Daisetsu Mountains are located in central Hokkaido far away from the sea where temperatures naturally get colder earlier even at lower elevations.

Link to Rinyu Kanko’s blog where you can see the report of snow from September 16th, as well as beautiful photos of the autumn colors which are in full swing in the Daisetsu area: