More Niseko Paintball

The battle continues with another round of ruthless shoot-out action at Paintball Field Niseko. Two teams, 10 guns, 3000 paintballs, and nearly two hours of no-holds-barred commando style guerrilla warfare in an all out take-no-prisoners show-no-mercy gun fight where the weak are quickly annihilated and the strong are pitted against one another to face the evil wraith of the paintball. Thanks to all the willing victims and most of all to Paintball Field Niseko!DSCF5193 DSCF5233 DSCF5194 DSCF5236 DSCF5209 DSCF5227 DSCF5240 DSCF5225 DSCF5231 DSCF5205 DSCF5238 DSCF5200 DSCF5201 DSCF5219 DSCF5235