Haru no Taki, Niseko’s Springtime Waterfall

The forbidden terrain to the south of Supercourse comes to life every spring when warm temperatures melt enough snow to get it’s namesake flowing. Haru no Taki translates roughly to ‘Springtime Waterfall’, and as its name suggests, for a month or two in the spring as meltwater runs off Mt. Annupuri’s southeastern slope, the rock face at the head of the drainage (see on Google Map) lights up with a brilliant cascading waterfall.
Viewing the falls can be a bit tricky as several factors have to come together to get a good show: one needs clear skies and several hours of warm temps during the period from late April to early June for good viewing. On the rare occasion when skies clear and temperatures rise after a rain event the falls will be flowing at its peak, and viewers will be rewarded by the full glory of this beautiful seasonal waterfall.

Haru no Taki flowing at a good rate, as seen from Kabayama area.


Haru no Taki as seen from Kabayama area



Haru no Taki up close on a low-flow day. Comparing to the birch trees at the top of the cliff, one can get a sense of how tall this falls is.


Haru no Taki as seen from Hirafu