We wish you a Merry Christmas…!

We’re now a couple of days into the festive period—and oh, what a wild, wonderful (and occasionally —wet) sleigh-ride it’s been! In true Niseko style, December started off incredibly strong, boasting consistent snowfall in hefty amounts over the first two weeks of the month.

We had one of the best Novembers on record, and were confident in the knowledge that if the weather kept this up, we’d be looking forward to a very merry white christmas indeed.

The snow eventually lessened, (comparatively speaking, of course—) though not before an incredible snowstorm blustered through the town, providing us with 50cms of powder in under 48 hours. Since then, we’ve high winds, blustery rainstorms, and the occasional blast of December snow, which has done well to keep everyone’s spirits up.

We were lucky to have a Christmas Eve which was clear and brisk— perfect weather for the fireworks taking place in town to mark the festive weekend— with a delightfully mild and beautiful Christmas morning, which flaunted blue skies, sunshine, and a pleasant sprinkle of snow throughout the day.

A mild weekend may have been a blessing in disguise— most around these parts were far too interested in their festive foods and christmas spirits to worry about powder on the mountain this time around— yet temperatures have dropped once more, and snow is back on the menu.
As I type this, we’re still getting a good amount of snow, and have been all day. I have hope that it’ll continue— and when it does, I’m sure many will be planning on taking it easy on the evening of the 31st…

…Anyone else for 2017 first lifts?


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