Someone’s shaking the snow-globe!

I know…we haven’t had an insane amount of snow yet this 2017, but times are a changin’…

Somebody, somewhere must have heard the laments of a thousand powder-hounds and decided to shake up the Niseko snow-globe, because as of last night the early hours of this morning… it’s been dumping!

Temperatures dropped to their coldest points of the 16/17 season this week, and in the past 12 hours, we’ve already overtaken the last 12 days of snowfall. The dump is set to reach its heaviest point tonight, but expect for snow to continue to fall throughout the week.

There’s a catch – it’s likely that temperatures will drop as low as -16 on the mountain (and probably beyond that, if the forecasted 50 km/h winds have anything to say about it).

So enjoy the snow, be weary of winds, and wrap up warm!!