Spring Sprang Sprung

As we pass through the spring equinox and the temperatures begin to flirt with positive numbers, Niseko is starting to quiet down as the crowds recede. The roads start to reappear and massive snowbanks start to shrink as local businesses become visible again.

With the melting snow comes the reveal of many things that were buried under the record levels of snow. There’s always a chase to find some hidden relics (read: GoPros) on the mountain. On the other hand, if you are still grieving over that one DPS ski you lost on that epic pow day, these coming days might be your time to dust off that metal detector. Regardless of what kind of treasure you’re seeking, keep your eyes open during the spring ski season!

Not quite Mexico…

Beer bottles and empties are another common sight in melting snowbanks. These are more common off the mountain near the bars, but they sure are in no short supply. It is a good thing that Japanese communities have “Clean Up Days” several times during the year where members of the community collect trash together.


Anyway, get out there and enjoy some sun! There is nothing quite like bombing down groomers in a T-Shirt with all of your friends!

Let the great melt begin!