More Vehicle Madness

Levels of laziness and neglect of one’s vehicle is unfortunately a public display here in Niseko. If you decide to leave your car for two weeks, people will notice it as they walk by. And then they start to forget about it when your car is completely buried. Although this time the car in question was still visible, lets just say it was a close call.

Behold! A glorious display of procrastination.

All joking aside, probably not best to attack this one when you have an important appointment around the corner. I would just like to point out that we are all appreciative of the record levels of dumping that’s been going on this season. But as someone who is already up to my eyeballs trying to manage the Work/Play/Life balance, I’m not quite keen on the Work/Play/Life/SnowShovel lifestyle.

Anyway, Niseko is on schedule to receive more snow in the coming week as temperatures maintain their levels in the negative double digits. Sounds to me like there is about to be endless shoveling powder!