The Boss is Back!

The final phases of tantalising testing have resumed at BURGER BOSS, with feedback-bestowing tasters in their scores sampling some of the thousands of burger combinations in a pre-season preview!

Yes—today the blue skies have been filled with golden sunshine and a warm, crisp breeze, but make no mistake; winter is on its way… Barely a few yesterdays ago, temperatures dropped to levels not felt for hundreds of days; with the hulking mountains of Yotei and Annupuri who ceaselessly watch over our town being softly kissed by the cold, her tendrils of ice and snow snaking down their once verdant slopes.

Rumbles and whispers have been heard from Hirafu. The clattering of pots and pans breaching the walls of an edifice that has been still for far too long—Listen closely and you may hear a pattering of footsteps, or a sharpening of knives. Grills have been fired up and ovens have been stoked, with steam and smoke bellowing out of hidden crevices and cracks, carrying the distinct, soporific aroma of… Burgers.

The tweaks and changes are starting to draw to a close, meaning only one thing… Burger Boss is almost ready to open their doors!


Big Bacon Burger (background human for scale): A succulent beef patty laid atop a mountain of crisp salad, pickles, sautéed onions, tasty bacon and heaps of juicy jalapeños, all crowned with a spread of creamy sliced avocado. (Not featured: Bigger Bacon Burger – add an extra patty for ¥300!)


Fish Fillet Burger: The star of this burger is the luxurious slab of filleted Hokkaido Salmon, which is locally sourced from the shores of Suttsu. This exotic iteration has been finished with sweet, tangy beetroot, gooey fried egg, and delectable pineapple chunks.

Burger Boss opens its doors soon, so make sure your mind and body are ready for some serious burger action!