So far, the rumours and speculation flying around regarding La Niña seem to be founded in some fact, with Novembre being extremely good to us.

Although it’s easy to forget the sheer amount of snow we received last month on a miserable Thursday morning like today; the consistency of the snowfall is what is most encouraging.

That and the numbers.

Most sources have pegged the observable downfall to between 110 and 115 cm of snow in November alone. To put that into perspective, we have had observable snowfall of around 60cm in November 2015, and as much as 30cm in 2014. A year that many remembers was 2012, which was blessed with 118cm of the good stuff in November, and then another 418cm in December. Not bad. …and not far off.

Consistent snowfall is great for the base: With Grand Hirafu partially open and other resorts in the area partially open or opening soon, it’s a pleasant surprise when you look at the calendar and realise just how early in the year we are.
Businesses are opening early, guests are arriving sooner, and Niseko’s bustling economy is flourishing; causing restaurants, bars and hostels that typically open up shop in mid December to turn on their lamps and begin warming up their hearths in record time.

Even the swarthiest of powder snobs is quietly optimistic.

Thanks November, you did good, kid.