Quick as a Bunny

Another update of the progress of Niseko’s Ginto Village Trail.

Wow – a tremendous amount of effort and patience has involved in this project, and the team did such an awesome job in a mere month!



2017-08-17 Ginto Village Trail Update from 360niseko on Vimeo.



Ginto Village Trail Final Update Phase 1 Complete from 360niseko on Vimeo.


Ginto means silver rabbit in Japanese, and Ginto Village was named to honour our friendly furry friends.

Speaking of rabbits, the shadow on the moon is said to resemble the shape of a rabbit pounding mochi in Japan. “Moon viewing” day is a Japanese seasonal tradition which will take place on October 4th this year, a custom which will have observers appreciating the autumn moon and praying for an abundant harvest.

Fingers crossed for clear skies on the night—hopefully we’ll get to enjoy a special lunar feast under the silvery moonlight.