July 30, 2015

Mt. Yotei Summit Climbing Routes

Climbing Mt. Yotei gives you a perspective on the region you don’t get anywhere else. On a clear day you can see the Sea of Japan and the Niseko Range to the west, and Lake Toya and Funka Bay to the southeast. Hiking around Yotei’s summit crater you get a 360 degree view of the greater Shiribeshi area and beyond, with farmland, mountains and other landscape features stretching out as far as the eye can see.

Four climbing routes provide access to Mt. Yotei’s summit from different sides of the mountain.

  • Kutchan Route
  • Makkari Route
  • Kyogoku Route
  • Kimobetsu Route
The Kutchan and Makkari Routes are the more widely known routes and generally a bit more easy climbing than the more rugged Kyogoku and Kimobetsu routes.