July 30, 2015

Kobo Course / Haru No Taki Course, Hirafu Forest

At the edge of Hirafu is the trailhead for a wonderful loop trail that traverses across the Haru No Taki gully. The trail connects to the parking lot at the Hilton Hotel at Niseko Village, from where you can stroll over to the new Village area for lunch. The trail is accessible as soon as the snow melts off, however the upper ‘Haru No Taki’ section can take longer to melt off some seasons since it lies in Haru No Taki’s notorious avalanche path.

  • The lower trail called Kobo Course is generally well maintained and free from obstacles. There are bridges and stairs in a few location, as well as wide boardwalks that span some of the wetter sections.
  • The upper trail called Haru No Taki Course climbs higher up the slopes of Haru No Taki gully and offers some overlooking views from between the trees. Thick sections of native forest sport robust ferns and other impressive vegetation. In the middle of the gully there is a babbling brook that reaches its most vigorous flow during spring snow melts.