Niseko Spring Lunch Fair 2017!

Even without the world-renowned powder snow, majestic rolling mountains and tall volcanoes, rich history, beautiful nature and wildlife, inspiring vistas, friendly people and boundless hospitality – Niseko’s still got one thing going for it.

…Well a lot more things, actually, but one of the most enticing of these is its incredible cuisine!
Try it all this week!

Long before it became a international skiing destination, Japan has offered some of the tastiest most instantly-recognisably mouth-watering cuisine the world has ever seen; dishes like soba, udon, the late-adopted ramen and curry – and of course – sushi & sashimi; captivating foreign diners.

Since the skiing boom, however, Niseko has become not only a premier snowsports destination, but also a foodie’s paradise – with restauranteurs from all over Japan and all over the globe being attracted to set up shop in one of Japan’s fastest growing economies – and plenty of taste-tourists travelling with food in mind.

During the green season, food & drink take the forefront. Warmer weather and gentle breezes usher in a desire to bring out barbecues and beer or rush to the nearest izakaya, ramen house, or tempura master.

The Niseko Tourism Board is helping to launch the culinary spirit this year with the Spring Lunch Fair, where local restaurants (even the pricier ones!) offer up languishingly tasty fare for limited lunchtime specials!

Running until the weekend, check out the following availability and get out there and enjoy your spring time lunches! (Make sure you mention the NPB when you order!)

  • Hilton Niseko Village (Niseko Potato Curry Tax and service charge not included.)
  • YUKITEI (Tempura Udon)
  • Bombay Sizzlers (Lunch Set Menu – Chicken Curry / Lamb Curry / Dal Tarka / Mix Vegetable Curry Or Mix Seafood Curry ~ and Rice, Salad, Naan bread)
  • Soup curry TSUBARA TSUBARA (Soup Curry: Chicken)
  • Soba Restaurant Ichimura (Tempura Soba)
  • Locanda (31st March – Pasta Lunch set menu: Pasta, Home bakery bread, Salad, Dessert, soft drinks)
  • ENISHI (29-31st March – Ramen with soft drinks)

For more information, please contact the niseko tourism board at 0136-21-2551, or visit Niseko Tourism Board for more details about the Niseko area!