Summer is for the Soul

June and July have been absolutely packed with refined concerts, exhibitions, and viewings that demonstrate the cultural clout that Niseko and its surrounding areas can deliver.

In the last week or two, we’ve been lucky enough to see Yoko Arano, distinguished local calligrapher and some of her amazing artwork in the Kiyoe Gallery (being lucky enough to witness a live demonstration of the master working), as well as a brilliant little piano concert with player/composer, Hajime Fukuda.

Could this mean what we think it means?

Some talkative little birds have noticed a little increase in activity near the Family course area of the Grand Hirafu Resort.

One of Niseko’s most popular and sought-after spots in the winter for its easily accessible ski lift and gentle gradient, Family is largely empty in the green months, with most hikes and the summer lifts starting at the base of the Alpen run.

Spring Rafting

Once the Spring comes, the Niseko snow-generator goes into hibernation, and rising temperatures, longer hours of daylight, and a halted top-up of top quality powder result in a surprisingly speedy and contrasted change of scene.

At the end of the season, the copious winter snowfall makes way for rushing alpine snowmelt, allowing Niseko to transform into one of the greatest rafting locations in Asia.

Spring Sakura – Bloomin’ Soon!

Be it historical paintings, art, films, and even pop-culture, the flower of the cherry-blossom–or ‘Sakura’–is one of the most “recognisably Japanese” images I can think of.

I’ve seen plays and films referencing its metaphorical impermanence, and drunk wine and eaten chocolates infused with (or inspired by) cherry blossom nectar.

Top tips for Spring Ski fun!

We’ve had an interesting mix of  sun and storms in town lately, and last night, temperatures dropped low enough to provide some nice late April snow, helping to keep things soft well into ‘Golden Week’!

Only the frost-gods know how much more we’ll get in the coming days, but you’d better make sure to get your sunnies back out of storage, because bluebird sunshine is guaranteed to make a comeback this spring!

Powder & Slush

This is not a drill… It’s April 13th, and Niseko is still getting the goods!

Over the last 48 hours, we’ve had another welcome top-up of our snow reserves, serving to extend the season and begin to sate some serious powder cravings! But the adrenaline junkies out there are still not satisfied. Still want more? Bring on the Slush.

Spring Love or Love Spring?

Spring’s typically supposed to be a warm, fluffy time of year when warm, fluffy things like lambs, baby rabbits, and even tiny tanuki begin appearing. Well that warm fluffy feeling that everybody and everything is experiencing has now been scientifically proven to be caused by all that love in the air.

Niseko Spring Lunch Fair 2017!

Even without the world-renowned powder snow, majestic rolling mountains and tall volcanoes, rich history, beautiful nature and wildlife, inspiring vistas, friendly people and boundless hospitality – Niseko’s still got one thing going for it.

…Well a lot more things, actually, but one of the most enticing of these is its incredible cuisine!
Try it all this week!